About us

Bright is a laboratorium for research and development. We are curious about the spatial impact of social transitions. What is our future energy system? What does neighborhood of tomorrow look like? Where does our food come from? These questions interest us.

Bright investigates today’s uncertainties in order to develop perspectives for the future. We do this by carefully analyzing our observations. They form the basis for prototypes for further research. Scenarios explore which options are available and what their influence is. Based on this, we determine strategies for design and implementation.

Bright puts the cultural aspects of the major transition challenges on the agenda. Spatial planning concerns all of us and is a public matter. We work together with our partners and clients to contribute to the development of knowledge. We are committed to our projects and regularly feed them with self-initiated explorations.

We explore the spatial future in education too. As the head of education, Thijs determines the course of the master’s program in urbanism at the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture, and is affiliated with the Future Urban Regions research group. Gerjan is research fellow Architecture and Circular Thinking at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, and research teacher at the master INSIDE at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.


Bright was founded in 2017 by Thijs van Spaandonk en Gerjan Streng, and is part of The Cloud Collective. Now, Bright is composed of Thijs van Spaandonk, Gerjan Streng, Lotte de Koning, Boaz Peters, and Camilla Vertua.