High tech – low tech

The sci-fi rom-com ‘Her’ by Spike Jonze shows a world in which technology functions so well that it becomes virtually invisible. In this future we see no cars and the phone – a beautiful small pocket book – rarely appears. The vast majority is controlled by artificial intelligence. All other communication between technology and its […]

En Place

The Brussels canal zone is like a mirage: those who are looking for a relaxing place along the canal will surely be disappointed. In the middle of the busy European metropolis you do find the openness that is lacking in other places. However, this space is mainly utilitarian and almost entirely designated for the infrastructure. […]

Piushaven Pavilion

The Piushaven pavilion revives Tilburg’s old harbor pier. An impressive steel construction houses a new restaurant while adding a high-quality public space to the city. The robust pavilion creates a clear beacon for passers-by. Raised public space This important location in the city accommodates a combination of a public and private spaces. A restaurant shares […]