Heat circuit Apeldoorn

Like many places in the Netherlands, the Stedendriehoek is facing a major restructuring of its housing stock. Tens of thousands of homes built between 1965 and 1980 need renovation in the coming fifteen years. A central heating network is a better investment than post-insulation of cavity walls and roofs. To this end, Apeldoorn will create […]

Relaxation network

Stedendriehoek has many holiday resorts. In particular, the concentrations on the Veluwezoom and around Lochem stand out. These resorts function as isolated companies, despite their proximity. Can that be done differently? In a not too distant future guests expect a network of electric mobility offering a smooth ride from their homes to the resorts. Electric […]

Shifting gears

Production and consumption of energy have grown far apart, both literally and figuratively. As a result, most citizens and companies do not feel an urgency to contribute to the energy transition. Nevertheless, there are inspiring initiatives from residents, companies and governments in the Stedendriehoek. The total size of these initiatives is still too limited to […]