Energy panorama Twentekanaal

The Twentekanaal runs from Zutphen to Enschede, with a branch off to Delden at Almelo. The canal connects the cities of Twente to the national network of waterways. Several industrial locations are located along the route. The Lochem canal zone is one of them. Ever since its realization in the 1930s, the Twentekanaal has been a striking appearance in the landscape due to its linearity.

The Twentekanaal will become an energy panorama. New wind turbines are tightly aligned here. Willows and reeds on the riverbanks produce biomass. Small energy collectives appear at farm yards. At the industrial sites, a new generation of cleantech and manufacturing industries flourishes. The Twentekanaal links a wide variety of energy experiences.

Twentekanaal Energiepanorama / Energy panorama