Start-up yards

The area between the the IJsseldijk and the line Apeldoorn-Epe-Zwolle is an exception in the region. The landscape is open and of a large scale, which contrasts to the dense wilderness of the Veluwe and the small-scale landscapes around Deventer and Lochem. Large farms in this area will inevitably grow bigger. Vacancies at smaller farms and outdated farm yards will occur.

Here cleantech start-ups can pioneer, make noise, actively test existing techniques and build surprising inventions. The area is ideal for installing wind turbines, from traditional models to new experiments. The farm yards in transition manifest themselves as green-lined islands in the landscape.

When the techniques have matured and require upscaling, the region has plenty of opportunities closeby, such as the new production locations along the Twentekanaal energy panorama.

Opstart-erven / Start-up yards