Heat circuit Apeldoorn

Like many places in the Netherlands, the Stedendriehoek is facing a major restructuring of its housing stock. Tens of thousands of homes built between 1965 and 1980 need renovation in the coming fifteen years.

A central heating network is a better investment than post-insulation of cavity walls and roofs. To this end, Apeldoorn will create a heat circuit, an above-ground loop that connects heat-supplying companies with heat-demanding locations. Companies participate via (mandatory) sustainable park management and the residents via the corporations. This loop will be accessible as cycle and walking route with international allure.

Apeldoorn has a total of 381 commercial buildings over 500 m2, with a total roof area of 85 hectares. The current generation of heat pipes can achieve a yield of 2.3 GJ / m2 / year. So, 85 hectares will give Apeldoorn a potential of 2 PJ / year. For comparison: the total heat demand in the area for houses built between 1965 and 1980 amounts to 495 TJ.

Apeldoorn Stoomkring / Heat circuit